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, they have to hire accountants, just to figure it out and steven hawking doesn't figure this out. it's not going to fix our economy immediately, but remove the biggest obstacle to growth and that's a complicated tax code. i'll tell yu, focusing on little things, little pieces of this, like the mortgage deduction, focusing on bits and pieces, and the problem. the problem is it's just way too complicated and small businesses cannot figure it out. >> brenda: you know, it's interesting though, steve, the other steve not hawking, because a lot of the bigger businesses have been laying off this week, ge, huge numbers coming out and they depend on a lot of these deductions,actually. >> yeah, no i think what we have to-- jim is absolutely right. first of all, steven hawking, would have looked at all this have and call it an alternate universe. it doesn't, you know, it defies the reality that we live in here today. look, our economy is transforming. the consumers, we're not going to prompt them into picking up the negative savings rate and spending that we had before the wall street collapse
of the president and white house of the murder of ambassador christopher stevens and three others. john kerry is rumored to be the president's choice to be hillary clinton's replacement. all 18 members of which, republicans and democrats, have signed a letter acceptability to the administration asking for a full accounting of the benghazi terrorist attacks and the events in yemen and egypt. the white house continues to give every appearance of stone walling, both the congress and the press. almost three weeks have passed since those attacks, and leaked from within the white house, an intelligence community suggests the obama administration has been involved in an outright cover up. there are reports tonight that officials within the administration were concerned from the very beginning about the message the white house chose to push after the attack. the attack that was spontaneous they said, and not at all the work of terrorists. here's white house spokesman jay carney back on the 14th of september. >> the incident in benghazi, as well as elsewhere, but these are all being investigated, what
chris stevens. in nearly six weeks the president has refused to tell what happened, why, with the administrations is doing and the fact of the benghazi attacks on foreign policy. the administration has tried to change their story to rewrite the narrative even as it unfolded. the ministry should focus was on the anti-muslim video as the cause of the tragedy. the secretary of state made no reference of any kind as a terrorist attacks. >> americans couldn't to religious tolerance goes back to the beginning of our nation. let me be clear. there is no justification. lou: only 40 minutes later president made an appearance in the rose garden. he talked for five minutes much of that time talking about his september 11th memorial duties and wounded four years in arlington cemetery and around the world then said. >> no acts of terror will ever resolve this great nation, alter the character or eclipse the values we stand for. we will not waver and our commitment to see justice is done. lou: preceded by reference on september 11th with a terrorist attack on american soil for that th
take. steven, thanks for joining us. >> it is great to be here, thank you. sandra: so i guess i would first ask you why are gas prices falling by so much when oil is really still around $90 a barrel? >> well, the quick answer is the fact that they had risen by so much in the month of september. we're now at a time of the year where retailers across the country can sell a winter grade gasoline. this is a cheaper gasoline to manufacture and therefore there was a price differential between the summer grade and winter grade which is what we're now consuming by about 20 cents. now what happened back at the end of the september, beginning of this month is that we had a number about of refinery outages, a number of pipeline outages. so we saw a shortage in gasoline. so again, in september, prices typically begin to fall because we make this transition into the winter grade. now that fall in price was pushed down the road because of these refinery disruptions. so in fact we had about a 20 cent rise in price we normally would not have seen this time of the year. so that price, plus the normal
get through. moving along, steven, you bring together politics and policy, you are good at it today, market sellff, almost 2% on the dow, dupdupont cuts jobs worldwide is this economy shrinking again. >> every time it looks like this economy, the slumbering giant will pick itself up, we see another falter this is troubling, their earngs had been picking up. now with a sers of really lousy enings reports am the reasons that the repoots are so bad is because people are not buying these company's products, consumers are n spend will that is a problem. circle this back to politics that is a problem for barack obama two weeks over the election. gerri: and kirs tin middle american having trouble as well, with incomes, falling dramatically. at the end of the day whe people go to polls do you think they are voting -- last night we talked about foreign policy, is it going to be about the economy? >> almt entirely about the economy, about what people feel, and what they think that obama -- do they feel it has improved at all? we're on the right trajectory, and obama has a handle on this? we k
crossroads, because i want to talk to them more often. >> his name is steven law. he was the ceo of american crossroads, and a very able guy. lou: i got you. until then, if it's all right, we'll just stick with you. is that all right? >> all right. >> in ohio, around the country, we're looking at the wall street journal reporting $150 million raised last month for the obama campaign. we'll told by the romney campaign theirs is going to be impressive, but we don't have any numbers. do you have a sense that the romney campaign is keeping pace with that extraordinary fundraising result for the president's campaign? >> you know, i don't know the numbers, but my suspicion is that that's a very impressive number by president obama, and while he was, in essence, his cash on hand began to dwindle starting in may had he spent all the money on tv, this is going to get way in the weeds, but it's very important. if you're obama or romney, the money that you have in your own campaign treasury is the money most easy to spend with the biggest impact, and you're guaranteed, if you're obama or romney in gett
holtz-eakin,merican action forum and steven sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven what i will start with you, what happenedo your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see sething different. melissa: there i momentum here. there is a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i think the trend at the end this week, ifanything is ind back to the presidt. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in wa and wiscons show the president up by six and five points and 18 among women. the polls are going all ov the place. what they really --. melissa: there are a lot of polls. >> what they show is close race. melissa: byron, to yo, do you think there is trend for mitt romney? a lot of people do? >> in florida, i think something is gog on in florida and workiig in mitt romney's favor now. no doubt about it. he seems to be moving ahead. this is not a big sign of victory. florida for romney is a state you don't win
: let me bring in steven with that in mind, what doug just said, do you expect perhaps the fed to consider expanding qe3 to compensate for the end of operation twist? is that a possibility? >> i think it is more than a possibility. i think it is probably going to happen but not at this meeting. i they will defer that decision until december and make it at that point. they will have the benefit of a couple more labor market reports between now and then as they try to assess what the economy looks like. tracy: mike, you too, i know you're expecting not to hear a whole heck of a lot out of this announcement mere but at the same time could well be market moving, no? >> yes, it could be market moving. i actually think the markets expect the fed to say something positive along the lines they will continue to expand their programs. although if they don't say that, the market will probably give up some more ground today because earnings and revenue forecasts off quite a bit and the market needs something good to latch on to get to higher levels. if the fed comes out and does nothing, t
right. first of all, steven hawking, would have looked at all this have and call it an alternate universe. it doesn't, you know, it defies the reality that we live in here today. look, our economy is transforming. the consumers, we're not going to prot them into picking up the negative savings rate and spending that we had before the wall street collapse in 2008. they know better now. they're not going to be burned again. and this is an opportunity for exports are picking up, manufacturing's picking up and we need to stop consuming more than we've produced and start exporting more. so, yes, making our businesses more competitive is critical to that, and look, i would just get rid of every single corporate deduction, and bring the rate dramatically down, and cut it in half. 15%, something like that and they have to pay it on domestic profits, they have to pay it on foreign profits, minus whatever they're paying locally and just, and there are several other policies we're not allowed to get into this now, not enough time, it ought tbe about making american business more competitive
. with the three page cable from chris day bends -- stevens sayi he is worrd about security he, he has concerns sounding alarms, lawlessness, violence , it is frightg. also complaining about te security. >> this is the big deal. one is the lack of security before the attacks comex pressing conrn from the ambassador. and the story put out afr the attas. both have taken a hit specifically about attacks -- -- the tax and finding out what this california a new. lesshan 24 hours later it was a ro of guerrias. it was much more dangerous than the word optimal. gerr reading a statement from august 8. >> moving from euphoria and back as violent incidents dominate the politic landscape. they have been organed they're not random crimes of opportunity that this metaksa unlike the to be deterred until they are capable. is that we he says? >>e put politi aside there was evidence in advance insufficient resources atf administration that shows no concerned and the tragic loss olife and a failure to secure the embassy and an ability to come up with a single coherent story. the story does have legs. rri: it cou
christopher stevens and three other americans were murdered by terrorists. fox news chief washington correspondent with our report. reporter: nearly a month after the murder of ambassador chris stevens, and three other americans, a house committee is set to hear testimony by american security officers who will tell congress their pleas for enhanced safety measures in libya in the days leading up to 9/11, were rebuffed by higher-ups in the state department at washington. >> my understanding is that there were requests made and those requests were denied. reporter: also the head of the u.s. special forces team in libya. >> all the forces are telling headquarters at the state department that we need this. and the answer kept coming back out? >> you need to do it less. for what reasons, i don't know. >> the fbi was just there a week ago. we need to learn about information. reporter: the official is undersecretary of state for management, patrick kennedy, who has been in his post since 2007. fox news has learned that on this evening of september 12, kennedy privately briefed senate staffe
state department personnel including ambassador christopher stevens raised concerns about the shortage of security in beeghazi months before the september 11th terrorist attack. ambassador stevens himself wrote about security threats in june, august and the very day that he was murdered. meanwhile, military sources telling fox news that the terrorist attack may have been part of a broader campaign to drive a growing american presence out of eastern libya. yet the administration continues to refuse to admit what any fact at all and threat assessments ignored, requests for security there were ignored, and the reality on the ground resulted in the murder of four americans in libya. and as much as the president mmght now want us to believe that he declared the murders in benghazi to be a terrorist attack just the day after they occurred, the public record -- as we have repeatedly reported and demonstrated -- is contrary to his statement. joining us now for a critical look at the president's, well, changing positions on the september 11th attacks and the liberal media's inability to, in som
in the numbers too. steven, you were on hand for for obama today, what did they say? >> they took 12 hours to figure out what the spin was because it was not ready last night. they were late getting to the spin room last night in denver. they settled on a line which was mitt romney might have looked good and sounded good, but everything said was false. he was lying one after another after another. what was interesting on the conference calls, they didn't give much supporting evidence. it's one thing to make the claim, but another to support it in a way to convince the people you're listening to. president obama might be able to do that on the campaign trail talking to partisan democratic audiences, but not much on the conference call today suggesting he's ready to support that claim. gerri: all spin going on today. al gore had this to stay "obama arrived in denver 2 p.m. before the debate started, and romney did the debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet with a few hours to adjust -- >> i'm prepared for al gore at altitude for the presidential debate in 1996, and the issue is not
he is the basketball buddy of obama they played together in chicago. department of energy steven chu will be better remembered because of the solyndra debacle in winning the nobel prize in physics. and to plot -- janet napolitano one of my favorites. to be remembered to forget who she is and what she does? it is easier we don't get into it. she is making a mess out of things. don't worry. it is just a homeland. shaun donovan that is all we have to say. department of veterans affairs shinseki and we don't know what he looks like, and i do know what he looks like actually. the best reason not to know he works that hard for our veterans think you mr. secretary. 15 secretaries president obama has met with all of them. are you ready? twice. and the last nine months. and obama is hard at work golfing and campaigning to do it again. having weekly meetings with bala read jarret and political of pfizer's who are protected by a executive privilege is inspiring. what can you expect from a man who ever managed anything and his wife until he was elected the biggest management position in the worl
, christopher stevens and three other americans. in washington, it seems that many americans believe that every bureaucracy and agency in washington is either politicized , incapable, or simply dysfunctional, the result is rising distrust of the government. today, the numbers in our government labored upon the report created suspicion, uncertainty, and a new dimension of mistrust. weekly jobless claims came in with low expectations the president once again asserting that the tax code is designed. in other words from the man was shot in the head and neck if he commuted to work in yemen. we will have the latest developments tonight. the latest in a series of incredible statements by stephanie cutter. touching on the tragedy in benghazi. carter's rationale for why the murder of our ambassador and three other americans has become the subject. >> in terms of the politicization of this, we are in the debate. but the entire reason, it is because of mitt romney and paul ryan. it is reckless and irresponsible lou: politics, terrorism, the economy, we cover it all with a host of experts and inside analys
, and "wall street journal" senior economic writer, steven moore, and naomi wolf are among our guests. may have accidently or intentionality further confounded the search for truth with the initial claims of responsibility last night for benghazi, but the claims shifted like the story itself of the administration's role in the benghazi tragedy. to assess whether this is a massive coverup as some claim or the failings of well-intentioned government officials as secretary clinton put it, fog of war, and how all of this will play in tonight's presidential debate, author of the new york times best seller, "the amateur," and fox news political analyst, joe trippy, who is at hofstra university at the site of the important debate. let me first, joe, go to you, and as the sense there, for the debate, the stakes are high for the president. is there any special element in the atmosphere there? your thoughts? >> no, there's a lot of anticipation here. ewe can feel it. a lot more, i think, energy and excitement than even the first debate. i mean, i think again a rematch or, you know, round two, whatev
about the guy who was running mitt romney is campaign. stew stevens had complete control over all aspects including advertising, strategy, they decided he had been overemphasizing jobs and the economy at the expense of character and like ability. during the convention they set him up to be much more likable and carrying that out. lou: he is still there but not as overextended. putting that kind of the. what about romney not going after that benghazi storey? there is such a massive contradictions. >> it would please me and other people they made a calculated decision the base to was eager to see the president's years and back. to make the decision to be more presidential, kind and gentle talk about peace and don't get into the weeds over benghazi. lou: we will get some empirical evidence. as they start to kick and with the battleground states. secretary of state clinton that just took responsibility was trumped almost the next day by the president taking responsibility. where is she? a foreign policy debate and secretary of state not in sight? >> the national security advisor, chie
, steven more common joins me to talk about prosperity and the presidential election. ♪ ♪ lou: new accusations today from vice-president joe biden hitting governor romney and republicans on taxes in a campaign event in wisconsin. >> you cannot erase what you have already done. they voted to extend tax cuts for the wealthy giving $500 trillion tax cut so 120,000 families. lou: that's a lot of money. 500 trillion. you have to love the vice-president, his view on things and, his expression. for a little perspective, the national debt is 16 trillion. we'll just leave it there. my next guest says there is no case on economic grounds to raise taxes. joining me now, senior economic writer for the wall street journal, stephen moore, author of the new book, the truth about opportunity, taxes, and wealth in america. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. can i say something? this is really the problem in washington. you know, and it's not just joe biden. these politicians can't tell the difference between a billion and a trillion. the the numbers are so big now, everybody's eyes
the board for everyone. the author of who is the fairest of them all, steven more common joins me to talk about joins me to talk about prosperity and t [heartfelt country music] ♪ - ♪ she stands in ♪ the face of evil ♪ and will not ♪ lose hope or faith ♪merica ♪ the land of freedom ♪ is still the home ♪ of the brave ♪ so raise the banner - ♪ rse the banner - ♪ called ol' glory - ♪ called ol' glory - ♪ let us join ♪ our fellow man - ♪ our fellow man - ♪ history ♪ will write the story ♪ america - ♪ america - ♪ will always stand ♪ history ♪ will write the story ♪ america ♪ will always stand ♪ ♪ lou: new accusations today from vice-president j biden hitting governor romney and republicans on taxes in a campaign event in wisconsin. >> you canno erase what you have already done. they voted to extend tax cuts for the wealthy giving $500 trillion tax cut so 120,000 families. lou: that's a lot of money. 500 trillion. you have to love the vice-president, his view on things and, his expression. for a little perspective, the national debt is 16 tr
the board for everyone. the author of who is the fairest of them all, steven more common joins me to talabout prosperity and so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but toy...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud td sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ lou: new accusations today from vice-president joe biden hitting governor romney and republicans on taxes in a campaign event in wisconsin. >> you cannot erase what you have already done. they voted to extend tax cuts for the wealthy giving $500 trillion tax cut so 120,000 families. lou: that's a lot of money. 500 trillion. you have to love the vice-president, his view on things and, his epression. for a little perspective, the national debt is 16 trillion. we'll just leave it there. my next guest says there is no case on economic grounds to raise taxes. joining me
the board for everyone. the author of who is the fairest of them all, steven more common ins me to talk about prosperity and i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you g there. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our counities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. ♪ lou: new accusati
position the president's going to take tonight. it's simple, it was always an assassination of stevens, covered up by a terrorist attack. this was to get stevens. he waste the point of the spear and in the world, the intel guy, the guy with the information to all the tribes in north africa and they figured if they he could get him they could in fact take over that area of the world. i'm telling you, things are not good in the the middle east and he is the puppet master of what's going on and in fact, mitt romney and paul ryan know that. stuart: once again you've got the advantage on the west coast, you can you stay up to watch the whole debate tonight. and i'm sure you will. mike reagan come see us again soon. >> thank you. stuart: and fox business network will have a special coverage starting at 8 eastern with neil cavuto. the price of gold 9:50 eastern. $1745 per ounce. the first lady weighs in on the economy. here is what she said. >> we're in the midst of a huge recovery, all right, because of what this president has done. stuart: now, you heard it, happy days are hear again and he
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at the same, even steven. is reagan too radical for fox news and neil cavuto? neil: as i told you before, reagan in the 1986 tax tried to close loopholes to rid of special allowances and credits. right to make sure you expand the tax base and those avoiding paying did not. you're right about that. but the idea was to close loopholes preventing many from paying taxes. this is what i want to ask you. you trust the government to handle this. i do not. you give the government virtue that i do not share. you don't -- >> you put words in my mouth. neil: you address the enterprise, i do not. >> listen, neil, you can't count the number of times we've sued government so don't put words in my mouth. i want the people in control of the government. i don't want a few corporations to turn and control majority members of congress and shovel cash to nullify votes. that's number one. number two, mitt roulette romney is so far to the right neil: doesn't have a good ring to it. >> so far to the right of reagan, so far to the right of nixon, and so are the republicans in congress. we're dealing here with a
in perspective i'm joined by oil expert steven schork. editor of the schork report. you are one of the smartest guys on this stuff. sort it out for us. what is going on in california right now? >> what is going none california is the same situation we're seeing elsewhere around the country. we have very low supplies of gasoline. then a remeanry complex that has been plagued by a ceres of disruptions for the past month. in short we have the inability to supply a market already short of supply. now, we're reaping what we've sewed over the last couple of years. melissa: so sound like it could get even worse. i'm reading articles about a costco in simi valley, they don't have any gas left. they're having to sell super for the regular price. >> yeah. melissa: because they're out of super. they're trying to make good for the customers. for the little guys, they can't take a loss like that. is this going to get worse and continue and spread? >> it will get worse for at least another week, another two weeks. potentially to the end of this month especially for the smaller guys, retailers in southern cal
. melissa: right. >> that is important. that contributes less to gdp. melissa: steven here, this is my theory. you buy a house and it will be worth less than what you paid for it. this happened for the past several years. it happened to everybody i know who has bought and sold. is that fear gone? can you buy and at least say i'm not at least going to lose money on this? are we there? >> i think with some people the fear is gone but i don't think it is gone across the board. i think some people are entirely disillusioned with the asset class. melissa: you're killing me. >> that is true. gone are the days housing is an investment. it is a asset. you asked a question what is muted. >> it is not an investment it is an asset? >> it is an asset. something you hold but can't check on it every year, my goodness is it up 10%? >> it is housing. you can house yourself in rented apartment or rented house. you can house yourself in owned housing. what we're saying you're not looking to make money by buying a house. you're looking to shelter yourself. >> thank you. melissa: is that the bottom line o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)